Get Started

The process is simple!

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the required paperwork

    Complete the Retailer Questionnaire and Authorization Agreement then print, sign and return by mail or fax to ACS at 1-417-831-3907.
    • The Questionnaire is required by the manufacturers.
    • The Authorization Agreement Form authorizes American Coupon Services to submit coupons on your behalf and details the responsibilities and services agreed to by the Retailer and ACS while doing business.

    When ACS receives the forms and your store is approved, we will send shipping labels with your new retailer ID number with the name and address of where to send the coupons. New labels will be supplied with each payment check you receive from ACS.

  2. Preparing your coupon shipment

    Complete the shipment slip provided by ACS indicating your Store Id #, date and store name and address and place on the top of your coupon shipment. You are not required to count or sort your coupons; however this information is helpful in reconciling your coupon shipment.
    • Enclose your completed shipment slip
    • Affix the mailing label provided with your store’s ACS number barcode
    • Ship in a sturdy envelope or box that is well sealed
  3. ACS will do the rest

    You will receive an email acknowledgement of the receipt of your coupons. Your check and payment reconciliation reports will be sent approximately 45 days from receipt of the coupons by American Coupon Services (first shipment may be a few days longer).

Please contact us at 1-800-260-4642 if you have questions or we can be of further assistance.