Coupon Services

ACS provides its clients the followings services:

  • Specializes in vendor and manufacturer relations
  • Superior customer service
  • Exclusive chargeback identification and recovery program
  • Counts and sorts coupons submitted by retail members
  • Provides checks directly to retailers for payment of coupons
  • Notifies member through email on counterfeit coupon alerts
  • Member receives face value plus premium handling fee per coupon
  • Seamless redemption for digital, electronic and paper coupons
  • Redemption solution for 8112 Universal coupons

We recommend that you ship at least monthly and there is NO MINIMUM AMOUNT of coupons in each shipment. This will reduce the number of expired coupons and keep your cash flow on coupon redemption. Just ship your coupons to the Springfield office at least once a month.

The staff at American Coupon Services realizes that you have a choice when it comes to your coupon needs. Therefore, if you have any question or concerns regarding our service or coupons in general please do not hesitate to contact our office (click here to go to contact page). We are available to assist you with any needs and/or concerns you may have regarding couponing. Again, thank you for your interest in American Coupon Services for the best source of all your coupon needs.

Accepting Internet Coupons

With internet coupons on the rise in popularity, it is import to know the difference between a valid internet coupon and a counterfeit one. Please refer to the ACS Retailer Coupon Acceptance Policy as a reference for your store. These are best practices that should be used as a guideline and should be tailored to fit your store profile.

Cashiers Tips to Assist in Recognizing Legitimate Internet Coupons – poster provided by Association of Coupon Professionals